Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Presidential Endorsement

So I figured that after railing against Hillary it would only be fair to announce my endorsement for President.

Now this is going to shock some people who know me, but I actually re-registered as a Democrat so I could participate in the Presidential Preference Primary in Arizona. And I am pleased to announce that I support Barack Obama.

Now why would I support Barack you say. Let me tell you. While Hillary has been claiming that actions speak louder than words and that Barack does not have the experience to lead our country, he has been out there, CHANGING the world. For example, in Arizona, where I live, 60% of all registered voters turned out to vote in the primary election. Pretty impressive considering the last Presidential Primary had only 30% turnout. Imagine, more than half the registered votes actually voted! And the story is the same all over the country.

I believe that one of the primary reasons that so many people are turning out is that they are sick of the same old cast of characters in Washington. I also think it is simply amazing that someone like Barack, who was discounted as a contender, is actually doing as well as he should. It's pretty obvious that Mrs. Clinton hasn't garnered the overwhelming mandate that she claimed would make her the inevitable Democratic nominee! Obama is running neck and neck and I have faith that in the end he will lead our country into a new era of prosperity and change.

I think that the record turn out all over the country has started to put the power of democracy back into the hands of the people and supporting Barack and his message of change is the first step to a better country.

Last, I'll leave you with this, the talk has heated up and it looks like the only way Hillary will be able to make a serious bid for the nomination is to cheat and try to get the delegates from Michigan and Florida re-seated. This is one voter who will certainly vote against that kind of political maneuvering!

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